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Black Gold Auto-Roulette Classic

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Black gold auto roulette classic

A roulette ball is thrown around a wheel divided into 37 slots. The numbers include a green 0 and range from 1 to 36, divided into 18 red and as many black slots. The goal is to guess on which number the ball will stop after the roulette is spun. The ball can be thrown by a croupier (live dealer roulette) or by the wheel itself (automatic roulette).

To bet, you will need to choose the value of the chips by clicking on the corresponding chip on the virtual board. Only chips whose values can be covered by your current balance will be available. The rest will be grayed out. To place a bet, select the value of the chip in the CHIP DISPLAY and click on the betting area on the table. Click/tap as many times as necessary to place chips of the same value for the selected bet. Bets placed below the minimum bet limit for the table are not valid and will not be accepted by the system. Bets placed above the maximum bet limit for the table are automatically adjusted to the maximum limit. When the STATUS BAR indicates "BETS CLOSED," no more bets will be accepted.

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