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° ANTE - The player places the initial part of their bet here to participate in the game.

° RAISE - The player places their bet here if they decide to continue the game after receiving their cards. This value represents double the ANTE.

° To start a game, the player must have at least 3 times the bet in chips.

° The player must choose the value of their chips and add them to the ANTE box.

° The dealer and the player then each receive 5 cards, but only the first card of the dealer is revealed.

° The player can then bet, exchange from 1 to 5 cards, or fold.

° Exchanging cards costs a bet (ANTE), and it is possible to exchange all cards.

° The card deck consists of cards from 2 to ACE.

° A STRAIGHT or STRAIGHT FLUSH cannot contain a combination A, 2, 3, 4, 5 (such a combination is not considered a straight/straight flush in this game).

° A STRAIGHT FLUSH must contain an ACE.

If the player does not fold (surrender), the dealer reveals their cards.

The following situations are possible:

1°. The dealer has nothing and the player has nothing or a winning combination:

° The player receives their bet back and an additional bet.

2°. The dealer and the player both have a winning combination:

° - The dealer's hand is higher: the player loses all their bets.

° - The player's hand is higher: they receive their ANTE and bets back and additionally receive an ANTE and a BONUS according to the payout schedule.

° - The dealer and the player have an identical hand: the player receives their bets back. In case of equal combinations, the highest card determines the winner.

3°. The dealer has a winning combination and the player has nothing:

° - The player loses all their bets.

The player can only receive the BONUS from the payout schedule if the dealer's hand has at least one ACE and one KING (of any suit) or a higher combination.

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