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Midnight Wheel

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All wins are paid as a multiplier of the bets placed on the winning category. The possible categories and their corresponding wins are:

- Straight up, a bet on a single number: 35:1

- Split between two numbers: 17:1

- Street (a bet on three numbers): 11:1

- Corner (a bet on four numbers): 8:1

- First four (a bet on the numbers 0 to 3): 8:1

- Six line (a bet on six numbers): 5:1

- Dozen or Column (a bet on e.g. 1-12): 2:1

- 18 numbers (a bet on e.g. Red or Even): 1:1

The maximum bet allowed for each category is indicated in the help section of the game.

Note that all single (1:1) or double (2:1) wins lose if the ball lands on the number 0.

Special bets:

On the left hand side, special bets buttons allow placing French and Finales bets. These are group bets, placed on several different numbers and using splits. By hovering the mouse over each bet, the table positions included in the bet are highlighted.

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