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Roulette VIP

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games rules

  • The objective of the game is to correctly guess on which number the ball will land on the roulette wheel.

  • Select a bet value and press on the table to place a chip with that value on the selected bet. If you press various times the value of the chip will increase.

  • If a mistake is made press UNDO in order to go back through the most recent actions. Press CLEAR in order to clear all bets on the table.

  • In order to double the bets currently on the table, press DOUBLE.

  • Press SPIN to start play and the roulette wheel will begin to spin.

  • While the roulette wheel is spinning the player cannot do anything. Once the roulette wheel stops on a number and the round is finished, the player has the following options:

    Press REBET AND SPIN in order to play again and spin the wheel with the same bets.

    Press REBET in order to place the previous bets on the table. The player will be able to modify them before spinning the roulette wheel.


    • Favorite bets allows the player to save their favorite bets (up to 5).

    • Press on one of the buttons for 2 seconds in order to store the current bets in said space. If there are bets already stored in that space then they are overwritten.

    • Press once on the desired button in order to load the bets in the said space on the table.

    • When accessing the game from a different computer or browser (or if cookies are deleted from the browser), the player will have to save their favorite bets again.


      Press the auto spin option in order to perform a number of spins automatically.

      All of these spins is played with the same bet that is currently on the table (a bet needs to be on the table in order to activate the option).

      The auto spin can be stopped at any time by pushing the button again.

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